About Us

Beautiful Alaska Realty started as a full-service real estate company in 2013. Coming from substantially more diverse backgrounds than your typical real estate agents, we do things a little differently than most. This is reflected in the ideas and beliefs that form the core of our business:

1. We stay in contact!

  • You can rest assured that we answer our phones, texts, and emails throughout the day and into the evening, promptly keeping you informed of everything you need to know about your transaction.

2. You can be as involved as you want to be.

  • We encourage home buyers and sellers to be as involved in the transaction as much as they want to be. If you want to be involved in the nitty gritty, we love to show you how this industry operates and will take all of the time necessary to help teach you what you need to know to make great decisions. Conversely, if you have other priorities demanding your time and energy…  Relax! And don’t worry. We will take care of the transaction and make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

3. Multi-Perspective Real Estate Knowledge.

  • We use our background from the construction, mortgage, and realty industries to anticipate difficulties with properties and loan types. For buyers, we may poke around a house’s “bones” to see if it is a quality structure, or help orient you towards a good loan program. For sellers, we may take you out on a spy mission to scout the other houses that yours will be going up against when you list, or give you a detailed Comparative Market Analysis showing you the particular type of buyer to best orient your marketing towards.

4. More is not better.

  • We will not take on new business if we can’t devote the time necessary to do the best possible job for you. If you have ever dealt with a real estate agent who did not return phone calls, did not take the time necessary to do a good job in marketing your home, or didn’t show you all of the houses on the market you were interested in, you know how frustrating of a position that can be.

5. Leverage technology.

  • There are an immense amount of new tools available for making the buying and selling process easier. Some tools and possibilities that were unheard of even 5 years ago have become industry standard. Anchorage is a smaller community and many of these tools are not being used by older agents. This gives you a competitive advantage! Whether you are buying or selling picking a Realtor who will use these tools can give you a huge boost! Doing things like creating custom websites, and having an aggressive sales and marketing approach blending real estate website syndication with reaching local markets through Craigslist advertising and traditional open houses are key to getting top dollar for your home as a seller. For buyers, there are many more resources to be able to investigate homes, neighborhoods, school districts, and the like. We will use all methods at our disposal to get you that ‘leg up’ and make your real estate goal a reality.

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